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Last Friday I went out to Chicago to pick up the new Fiesta. What a blast! Here’s a video I put together of the whole trip. The car is a lot of fun to drive, has a great stereo with a hookup for an iPod or a USB drive, gets 40mpg (not even a hybrid), and miraculously has room inside for a Sasquatch like me. Another cool feature is you can control things with your voice. The car has a British accent, and I swear that if you talk to it in a British accent, it understands you better.

We’re waiting to see what our first mission will be. In the mean time we’re letting our friends take it for a spin to see how they like it. Stay tuned for news and reviews. Check out the vid and leave us a comment.

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  • Lisa Murphy

    You two are sooooooooooooooo damn creative. This is really cool – AND I even recognized the song!!! (great drummer, by the way!).

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