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Check out my interview video on They came over and shot my humble studio and my car a little while ago. Here’s a link. They do a pretty good job of posting the cool events happening in and around Detroit on a daily basis, so go and peruse the blog.

February and March are going to be some busy months for me with several openings and conventions happening. I’ll post some preview pics when I get a chance. Here’s a rundown:

Feb. 8-16 – The Dirty Show ( @ Bert’s Warehouse in Eastern Market.
I have a couple pieces in the show, and this year I am selling a print from a previous Dirty show piece: Tie One On (see the store for a copy). The Dirty show is a cross between an erotic art show and Mardi Gras. It’s a total freak fest, so come out for the art and stay for the spectacle.

Feb. 21st-Mar. 17th – The Lyre’s Suite @ The Butcher’s Inn, Eastern Market.
All of the pieces in this show are made from old instruments. Tim Caldwell and JR collected a huge pile of old instruments and invited artists to pick one to use for their piece. Sort of like a Dunny show colliding with a condemned music store. 30 or so artists including Glenn Barr, Niagra, Len VonSpeedcult and others.

Mar. 8 Opening – GREASERS GHOULS and GALS @ Meltdown Gallery in L.A.
This is a show to coincide with the release of the comic Motor City ( at Meltdown Comics’ “Melt Gallery”. It’s a rockabilly/monster themed show, so I definately had to do it.

Mar. 7-9 – Autorama @ Cobo Hall Detroit
The Poor Boys are putting up our annual display in the basement, so drop in and say “hi” and see what we’ve done to the cars. I’m making a giant tube of model glue for the display, which is going to be populated with huge props to make the cars look like model cars.

South by Southwest Mar.13-16 – Austin TX
The big one. The ol’ sxsw. I’m going to be out and about meeting with some labels and bands, trying to drum up some more business. If you’re going to be there, drop me a line!