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5Like Motorhead tells us: “You know the chase is better than the catch.” And maybe that’s what it came down to for me, because as I was wrapping up all this work on the bike and taking it out for shakedown runs, I found myself thinking that I wanted to sell it. Now, I know it’s kind of weird to sell it the moment I finish the bike. I mean, I really only took it on one 150 mile run before I sold it. I lavished a lot of sweat and time on that bike. It was really kinda sudden and I gotta tell ya, I was kinda emotional over the whole thing. This pic was the last time I ever saw it.

Between painting, the band, work, family, hanging out, the Fiesta Movement, and the Chevy, I have too many irons in the fire. I decided that I need to concentrate on making the Chevy suitable for passengers and to do that I would have to sell the bike. No sooner had this thought popped into my head than I found a note on my handlebars one day from a guy that loved it and asked if I was thinking of selling. He came over with my asking price, in cash, and took off on it.  It seriously felt like sending my child off with a stranger though. Anyway, I took the money and I’m putting it toward the Chevy. So, maybe it’s fate. Who knows. Oh, and almost as soon as I got rid of that project, the voices in my head steered me toward another new obsession: old Schwinns. I bought a couple of 50s clunkers and I’m fixing them up for me and the girls. At least I’m not into boats!


  • Richard

    What did you end up selling the bike for – I hope it was a good experience at least ….Ever end up drawing the Jack Daniels masterpiece ? – Peace out and happy holidays to you and your family…

  • I finally sold it to get some more money for the Chevy. I need a ride that I can put the family in, so it had to go. It was a great experience though. I’ll do it again one of these days. Happy Holidays Richard!! See you around.

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