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frontendSummer had come and gone. The Woodward Cruise had come and gone. Winter was coming, and Jeffro needed more room in the main building, so I took the Chevy home. The rear end was in, but I was out of time and money, so it languished in my teensy one car garage over the winter. I was working full-time, freelancing at night, and phasing out of the Tarantulas. The realization had set in that if I wanted to spend less time on the car, then I was going to have to spend a little more cash on aftermarket stuff. So, I took my last month’s worth of gig money and “saved up” (no, really, this time I did) to buy something I desperately needed.

crossmemberfrontend_4frontend_6frontend_10Chassis Engineering makes a bolt-in front crossmember for this car that’s based on the suspension parts from a Ford Mustang. It gives you modern braking performance, and east-to-find parts, and since I didn’t have a welder at the time and the original front end bolted in anyway it seemed like the thing to do. I bought my rear end kit from Chassis Engineering, and was really happy with it, and their customer service.

Fast forward a couple months, and I was ready to prep the rails for some POR-15 (excellent rust-loving paint). I tore off the front end and the brakes and suspension I had worked so hard on last year. The crossmember went in fairly easy because it lines up with 4 of the original mount holes, and I fitted everything and drilled the rest of my holes before painting. I also painted the crossmember and suspension parts.

Then one fine Saturday I put all the pieces together.