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The Heap, Frenched

I started writing this story a few years back as a way to track the progress I was making on my car. Also, it was a way to share the experience with family and fiends, er, friends that were out of state, and a resource to send other guys that were working on their own projects. Eventually I stumbled on to the H.A.M.B., a forum dedicated to traditional hot rods and customs. I began posting there and it soon took the place of my car blog as I made new friends and  integrated in to the community.

I recently revamped this website and converted it to a WordPress blog. In order to keep all my posts I had to go back and re-create all of them again to get them into the right format. The homepage posts I re-created in one sitting, and it was a huge pain in the arse, so I decided that I would just publish the saga of the car one post at a time as weekly installments in the hopes that new readers could (hopefully) enjoy the story like it was new, and anyone that read it before might get a kick out of re-reading it.

Finally, I would like to give some shouts out to a long list of people that have helped me out immeasurably, and without who’s involvement I would never have gotten this far. First of all my wife, Jennifer, who has never used our garage. My parents, brother, and in-laws who, although they may have questioned my sanity, have given me car parts for christmas since I started this project.  My club, The Detroit Poor Boys. The crew from the HAMB Chop (more about that later): Rudy, Denise, Chris Sonstegard, Mark, Chuck, Evan, Mark Quill, and about two dozen others whose names escape me at the moment, and indeed the whole HAMB community at large. And last but not least Kevin Schonening for all the help and education on the body work. And anyone else I forgot, you know who you are. Obviously I don’t.

OK, stay tuned.