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bracingIt is a well-known fact that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted up on by a force. It is a lesser know fact that any car, when you need it to work, will spiral in to the toilet at roughly half the speed of light. Jeffro had graciously offered to let me work on the Chevy at the junkyard, so off it went to Northend. I hosed the engine compartment down with tractor fuel and hit it with a steam cleaner to get that tar-like undercoating and built up grease off. Then I started mocking up the engine and trans with a junk block and tranny. I got a little carried away with the sawzall though.

To make room for the T 350, I carved out a pretty good-sized piece of the floor. It was rotten anyway… You can see the dual master cylinder I put in when I re-did the brakes. You remember the brakes I was so proud of? I had to take them out to make way for the exhaust. It hurt, let me tell you. I felt like that guy at the end of the Talented Mr. Ripley.

bracesIt looks like I’m going to need some floorboards. And some other sheetmetal as well. I took the sawsall to the inner firewall supports, believing that they were going to interfere with the exhaust. Of course, then I saw a guy at a show a week later who had been able to stuff a 350 in between his with no problem. I wish I had seen that car earlier because now I have to fabricate some more braces.

braces_goneYou can see the motor mounts from Chassis Engineering and the stock steering box. Originally, I planned to use the stock steering and suspension. They were to be the next casualties…