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IMG_1424Life, like football, is a game of inches. So it goes with my project bike. Progress creeps along as I try to get an hour in here or there once or twice a week after the baby has gone to bed. This weekend I made a first down conversion.

I gutted the Yamaha in a fit of inspiration almost two months ago. I still have it insured because I’m under the delusion that I can just whip this thing together really quick… yeah right. IMG_1422I seriously thought I was going to take it for a ride yesterday for example. Deluded! However, I did manage to get the battery box in place and mount all of the remaining electronics.

Space is a lot tighter under the battery than I thought it would be but with a little ingenuity and lot of welding and fabricating little bits and pieces I got the regulator and rectifier tucked neatly away under the battery box. For the starter solenoid I made a bracket the comes down and mounts it just behind the spine. IMG_1420You can still access it fairly easily, but its’ tucked away neatly between the chain and the brake master cylinder. Having the electronics tucked away really opens up the bike and takes away a lot of visual clutter. Now I need to trim down the wiring to shorten it for its new location, and get rid of wires I’m no longer using.

I also shaved the front forks to get rid of the unsightly and now unnecessary mounts for the fender. It cleans up the looks of them considerably.

IMG_1418The fender still has a ways to go, and I’m already thinking about chopping the frame and going with a different fender all together. Yeah. I know. Deluded! I just don’t know when to quit. Does anyone out there know? Whould you mind informing me?