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cherrypickerThings were moving quickly now, and I was happier than a roach at Chi-Chi’s. Pistol Pete had called me up to do a month’s worth of fill-in gigs while he warmed up a new guitar player. This was perfect timing because about this time I was trying to figure out how to pay for a tranny. One sleepless month later, I had a rebuilt Turbo 350 sitting in the garage ready to go! The engine was done more or less, so I went over to Jeffro’s to pick it up. I spent most of the rest of my money on a wiring harness and a brake pedal setup. Now I was faced with the problem of how to get the motor and trans in to the car. I knew the perfect tool to use… a phone! I called up my buddies Matt and Brian and picked up a sixer. Now, Brian doesn’t drink, and Matt showed up late, so this was going to make for really cheap labor.

cherrypickermattThey say the Devil’s in the details, and you’d better believe it brother. Since I culled most of the parts for this crate together from a hundred different places, I don’t have any of the nuts and bolts that hold them together. I had to buy every nut and bolt, one at a time, from the hardware store! Add to that a starter, waterpump, fuel pump, flywheel, beer, and I don’t even know what else, and that pretty much wiped me out.

tvbrian<p>Looking back, I was sure glad that I had mocked this all up with a junk block and tranny before I did all of this.
The whole assembly just slid in (more or less) and bolted up. Brian explains the procedure on our “TV show”.

enginepaintedBy this time it is the beginning of August, and it has become evident that I would, once again, be riding the pine for the Dream Cruise this year. But before I went out partyhopping, I snapped a couple of pictures to take along with me.

rakeI don’t have any of the bolts for any of the accesories, so that meant I had to dink around trying to get the length of
each bolt right. Or I could buy some all-thread and make studs for everything and cap them off with some really bichin’ stainless acorn nuts! It looked great, and only took me a hundred years to do. This started a chain reaction in the engine compartment. Now every bolt hole had to be filled with a stud and an acorn nut. Stainless acorn nuts are two bucks a pop at the hardware store, so I bought a box of 50. That dropped the price to about a buck apiece, but it got rid of the last of my cash again. I gotta scare up some more freelance work.

Before I went out on Woodward, I propped up a fender and layed the hood in place to see how the car would sit… niiiiiiice!

(Originally published in 2005)