Log Jam Pete mini-comic, and TLUK @ The Belmont

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Hoo boy, I need to update this site more often. A lot has been going on though. This is going to be a long update. Let’s see… we had fun in England, and then a week after we left, there was that big terrorist scare involving US to England flights. That was kinda creepy. The van went bye-bye I’m afraid. It had turned into a yard dog and was starting to encroach on the time and money I needed for the Heap. Plus my wife hated it from the moment she laid eyes on it. Poor thing never stood a chance. I think a carburetor rebuild would have done the trick. Well, I tip my 40 to you, ol’ van.

Lately, I’ve been working on putting together a sketchbook and a mini-comic to sell at comics shows. Click here for a PDF. This is my first foray in to minis and it was lots of fun. If you feel so inclined, drop me a line and tell me how great/lame/but great again it is.

The sketchbook is about 7″ square and made up of b/w inks and pages from my sketchbook all deconstructed and rearranged and packed as tight as possible on the page. There are a bunch of new drawings on the black and white illustrations page of this site that are taken from the sketchbook. If you’d like a copy of the comic for yourself, send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope with 2 bucks in it. The sketchbook is bigger, so if you want one, send 5 bucks and I’ll get a big enough envelope and mail it to you.

The Lincolns UK are going to be playing at the Belmont on Saturday Nov. 25th. Check the myspace page for details. We’re opening up the show for Cowboy Messiah’s CD release (for which I did the art!) Actually, click here for a sneak peek. And finally, I got up on gigposters.com. Pretty soon I’ll have to cave in and get a myspace page. Not just yet though. See ya!