Koffin Kats poster, last gig with Tarantulas

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I went to see The Dollyrots in Ypsi at the Elbow Room where they played a fully awesome set (see poster from last post). I gave them some schwag. This week, I spotted Chris Black in one of my Lowbrow shirts.

I just finished a collaboration poster with Bob “Nix” Nixon for the Koffin Kats. That turned out pretty sweet. We have plans to do a few more.

My tour of duty with the Twistin’ Tarantulas is drawing to a close. My last gig (?) is this Saturday the 1st at Arts Beats and Eats in Pontiac. It’s been fun!

Also, here’s a portrait of me shot by Ryan Keberly who’s an award winning photoblogger (see snowsuit.net) and staff photographer for the Metro Times in Detroit. I admire him for tarnishing his otherwise stellar portfolio with this photo: