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\"Lilly of the Valley\"

I’m nationwide this weekend as the show Greasers, Ghouls and Gals opens in L.A.’s Meltdown Gallery on the 7th, and my (c)pop satellite show opens in Royal Oak the same day. Add to that Autorama Extreme at Cobo Hall with the Poor Boys, and I’m one busy sucker. I debut the new dashboard in the chevy this year, which probably no one will be able to see from behind the ropes. I’d leave the door open, but then people might hijack all my High Life, and I can’t have that. Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at the new painting for the Greaser, Ghouls and Gals show titled “Lilly of the Valley.” Also in the show is some original poster art for the Koffin Kats.

For the (c)pop satellite show, I have some framed prints, a couple b/w inked pieces, and 4-5 paintings as well. I don’t have the flier for that yet, but you know I’ll spam it along as soon as I get it!

The Lyre’s suite show was fun, and it’s always nice see some of my favorite people and meet some new ones. Tim and JR can always bring out the who’s who of Detroit’s art scene. Jerry Petersen was shooting some pics for Juxtapoz. Here’s a picture of me with Mark Dancey at the opening from the Lyre’s Suite article on the Jux website. Check it out. And if you don’t know Dancey, you have to see

SXSW is coming up and I’m going to be there the 13th through the 16th, and I’m fully stoked about that. That’s all for now. See ya!