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Jen and I were one of one hundred “Fiesta Agents” given a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Each month for 6 months Jen and I are sent on a mission. Each month has a theme. This month’s theme is Technology, and the mission we were assigned was geocaching. We got a box in the mail that contained a GPS unit, and instructions to log in to  Our assignment was to find a cache and leave an entry in the log that included a link to our fiestamovement page. We had never heard of geocaching, but we packed up in the Fiesta and headed out to give it our best shot. Here’s how it all turned out.


  • Hey Marc, are you and Jen fans of parades? If so, I can get you in the 2009 Coast Guard Parade in Grand Haven (for free) for good coverage and exposure.

    Would you be able to come up to Grand Haven Aug 1, 2009? I’ll be there, and it would be great to show off the Fiesta!


    Greg Rasmussen
    Ford Summer Intern

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