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Oh Jeez, I haven’t updated in a while. The summer is flying by! Billetproof was great and I sold a ton of shirts. I started work to notch the frame on the Chevy and prep it for airbags, and The Linclons UK have some upcoming gigs. I finally caved in and set up a myspace page for the band. You can hear some really rough basement recordings there.

I also bought a pile-of-crap van for 300 bucks and tried to bring it back from the dead. It’s an ’80 Dodge. Not very cool, but it’s a fairly clean California van. The 60’s Econolines and A-100s that I really want are just out of my price range at the moment. I swapped the engine out for another slant six and still need to do some more work to get it on the road. It’s well on its way to becoming a $600 $300 van. :) The wife and I are headed to London England for a week as well. Cheerio!

And here’s a gig poster I just did for TLUK…

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  • Nice to see a person who obviously takes England as seriously as I do.

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